MICAH | Scrunchie & Headband


MICAH | Scrunchie & Headband

  • The Micah free-tying wire scrunchie headband is an essential hair adornment that offers unlimited ways of styling. The stain resistant fabric allows for a tension free look whether you have full or dense hair. The length of Micah is engineered to wrap around your hairline comfortably. Embedded with wire, you can easily twist or tuck the band to hold into place. The lightweight wire headband is suitable for all head & hair types framing the face beautifully.


    .. Scrunchie & headband

    .. Light-weight

    .. Stain resistant [water & oil]

    .. Tension free

    .. Flexible wire for bending & tucking

    .. Material: 100% canvas

    .. Brass wire


    Slim: 40" long; .75" wide

    Thick: 40" long; 1.5" wide