• The Nolynn Pre-Tied Turban features a scrunchie twisted detail on top. Nolynn can be worn through all seasons. The lightweight turban is comfortable for all head & hair types framing the face beautifully. Simplistic is design, Nolynn is the perfect addition to compliment your look. The subtle details accented afford you unlimited ways of styling. 


    .. Adjustable for custom fit

    .. Elasticated straps with metal buttons

    .. Red: 60% cotton, 20% rayon, 20% lycra 

    .. Black lining: 100% lycra, four way stretch

    .. Filled with hypo-allergenic poly-fiber 


    The Fit

    Our pre-tied turbans are made to fit comfortably with an adjustable elastic band that forms around your head on the inside lining. The width of the turban is 21" circumference and can adjust 2-3" on each side. The adjustable strap allows you to conveniently resize the turban to your level of comfort depending on your head and hair type.


    Hair Styling is optional. You can freely style your hair up (tucked inside the turban), or down to your liking. Similar to wearing a hat, turbans can be worn down over your forehead or slightly pushed back exposing your hairline.