Do the turbans come wrapped and styled?

Yes, The Pre-Crafted Turban is designed ready to wear.

What size are the turbans?

The Pre-Crafted Turban is available in one size, 21" circumference and can adjust 2-3" in size.

Are the turbans adjustable?

Yes, The Pre-Crafted Turban is made to fit comfortably with an adjustable elastic band that forms around your head on the inner lining. The adjustable strap allows you to conveniently resize the turban to your level of comfort depending on your head/hair type and/or styling method.

How do I style The Pre-Crafted Turban?

Styling your turban is similar to wearing a hat. Enjoy the freedom of wearing yours down over your forehead or pushed back exposing your hairline. Freely style your hair up (tucked inside of the turban) or down. Whether your hair is straight and dense or coily and big, The Pre-Crafted Turban is unique forming beautifully around your head.

Is the Pre-Crafted Turban comfortable?

Yes, The Pre-Crafted Turban is lightweight allowing for season-less comfort and the inner band is adjustable for a perfect fit, framing the face beautifully. All styles are consciously designed using minimal fabric for optimal comfort.

Are the turbans handmade?

Yes, all turbans are slowly and consciously made by machine and hand stitching.

Can I order a custom designed Pre-Crafted Turban?

Yes, please email for all custom designed Pre-Crafted Turban inquiries.

I cannot find the answers to my questions. How do I reach customer service?

There are two ways to connect with customer service. Please fill out the form on the connect menu or email